BWFA goes for new challenge and new location!

The organization is also saying goodbye to board member Patrick Gansbeke

BWFA gaat voor nieuwe uitdaging en locatie!

The board of the Belgian Warmblood Foal Auction (BWFA) has decided that Flanders Horse Event (FHE) will no longer be the location for their auction. In addition, the organization is also saying goodbye to board member Patrick Gansbeke.


In recent years Patrick Gansbeke has served on both the board of the BWFA and the board of the FHE. Partly due to this dual position and mixed interests, FHE created requirements that the BWFA board members could not agree to. This in order to continue to guarantee the quality of the BWFA auction.


It is precisely this quality guarantee that is one of the core values ​​of the Belgian Warmblood Foal Auction. As is apparent from the many references that the auction can present. An approach that is therefore successful Because over the years, BWFA has built up a loyal customer base. In addition to the commitment to a high-quality collection, the relationship with breeders and owners predominates.


In order to be able to build further on this momentum, the BWFA board has decided to organize the auction at a new location. Which that will be ... That will remain a surprise for the general public. Even though the auction board is eager to share their other further plans with the equestrian world!