Unicum in the Darco Cup

Team Ulderina van de Bosspar delivers a unique performance with three six-year-old brothers

Unicum in de Darco CupForty-five combinations participated in the qualifier for the Darco Cup on Saturday 17 November in Azelhof. With only 14 combinations producing a clear in the first round, over a height of 1m10, it immediately became clear that the course was technical enough. In the end, only three teams were able to complete all three rounds with 0 penalties, namely team Ulderina van de Bosspar (by Edjaz van 't Merelsnest), team Hof Ter Naillen (by Nabab De Rêve) and team Diamand Stars (by Diamant de Semilly). The best of these three teams was team Ulderina van de Bosspar, who took the victory and achieved a unique performance. The team consisted of three full six-year-old brothers bred by Sara De Bolle. Mother Ulderina van de Bosspar is an Oberon daughter and bred by Sara's father, André De Bolle. He jumped the mare himself and the duo was very successful in the 1m30 classes at the LRV. But the now 64-year-old André also jumped at 1m30 level with her two half sisters, Queen van de Bosspar (s. Venu du Theil) and Sultana van de Bosspar (s. Heartbreaker). Embryo transplantation When Sara asked her father to breed a foal out of Ulderina, he quickly agreed: "But Dad wanted to continue jumping, so we opted for embryo transplantation. We already decided in advance that we would try to flush two, but when Ward De Bie told us that there was still quite a chance of rejection in the recipient mare, we wanted to flush a third one as well. My father was not entirely convinced that an embryo transplant is the same as a normal pregnancy, so in the end he decided to let Ulderina also carry one foal (ed: Montero was carried by Ulderina herself). The selection of stallions mainly layed in the hands of father André. He chose Edjaz van 't Merelsnest for several reasons: first we wanted a stallion who was standing nearby, so that we could drive up and down and the mare could stay at home as much as possible. After Edjaz was chosen for the first foal, we actually wanted to use Elvis Ter Putte, but after seeing Edjaz a couple of times in the cycle for six-year-old horses he convinced us so much, that we used him three times. Edjaz seemed to have a really peaceful mind and Ulderina could use that! " The three M's, as Sara calls them affectionately, competed in the cycle for 5-year-old horses with father André last year. He actually wanted to jump them in the cycle for 6-year-old horses as well, but eventually passed the torch to Jelle Limbourg. "My dad thought that the jumps were getting too high for his age and he injured his knee at the same time. There was a chance he had to get operated and so he chose Jelle to take over. "And with success because Jelle and Moreno won the cycle in Hasselt, while he qualified effortlessly for the final for 6 year old horses in Gesves with Montero! Extra rider Because we had to have three different riders for the Darco Cup we had to look for another rider. Jan Lamberts had once taken place in the saddle of a half-sister of Ulderina, during a dress-up class in Affligem. That competition also consisted of jumping in teams of three and it went really well. So André knew very quickly who to ask as a third man. Jan agreed on the proposal if he could jump the horse once a week in the next coming month and so the deal was done. Also the division of the horses went smoothly: "Jelle got the first choice because he had to jump the highest. He chose Moreno and so Daddy could choose from Monaco and Montero. Papa preferred Monaco and so Jan had to settle with Montero", laughs Sara. But three full brothers doesn't mean that they are completely the same? "No", according to Sara. "For starters, they don't have the same size and also their type is not exactly the same, but they are all equally sweet and affectionate! Moreno is mostly the showman of the three, while Montero is most like Edjaz: calm and quiet while jumping without much show. Monaco will make an extra effort if it is necessary, but he is something in between the two other horses. " Such exceptional horses must be in high demand? "That's a difficult point," laughs Sara. "If they had been mares, they would never have been for sale. But now they are geldings and so they will get sold at some time... Montero and Moreno jumped at the Belgium Championship in Gesves where Montero even qualified for the final. At that moment, there was quite some demand for all three. But my father had his answer ready: "First the qualification of the Darco Cup and then we will see". But now, he has to adjust that answer to "First to Mechelen and then we will see" ... "